Letter to French Embassy Oct 2020

Letter to French Embassy Oct 2020

30 October 2020
The French Embassy in South Africa
250 Melk Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria 0181

Dear Ambassador,

Re: France’s Turning Point in History

The killing of Samuel Paty was undoubtedly inspired by the conscientious conviction of the perpetrator that conduct dishonouring or besmirching the honour, reverence and dignity of the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) merits the ultimate censure. The Islamic Shar’iah, according to all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, demands that anyone who reviles Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), disparages him or infringes his honour commits a capital offence punishable by death.

In response to the killing of Samuel Paty, your government, in a reckless and irresponsible manner, gratuitously launched an attack against the entire Muslim world by displaying the deeply offensive and insulting Charlie Hebdo cartoons and caricatures of our noble Prophet (Peace be upon him) on government buildings. In doing so, your government acted with the intent of deliberately offending all the Muslims of the world. By attacking the Greatest Man to walk on the surface of the earth – The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), you have by design invited the wrath and ire not only of Muslims throughout the world, but also of many other peace loving global citizens.

Shortly prior to the foregoing incident, your government was under immense internal pressure from French voters. In September 2020, an IPSOS opinion poll revealed that the French population had a pessimistic view of France under the Macron presidency. 78 percent of the respondents said that France was in decline and 27 percent of them said that such a decline was irreversible. French historian Dominique Vidal observed that France under Macron was drifting day after day to the extreme right. The need for a diversion to conceal growing fascism is not difficult to recognise in that context.

By directly, deliberately and purposively insulting the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him), your government crossed all barriers and chose to escalate the matter to a global scale. Do not expect Muslims to take this lying down. Your government has opted to premeditatedly pierce a highly sensitive cord found within the deepest recesses of the hearts of all Muslims. This will go down as a significant turning point in history.

When President Erdogan of Turkey said that your president was in need of psychiatric evaluation, your government felt offended, thus withdrawing its ambassador from Turkey. Herein lay the hypocrisy and double-standards. If the freedom to insult, under the guise of secularism, is indeed a cherished value in France, it should be evenly embraced by your Government. It would be an understatement to say that even the average Muslim was a billion times more aggrieved and offended than the grief and offence experienced by your government upon hearing the remarks of President Erdogan directed at your President.

Another example of such absurd duality and hypocrisy is that Muslim women who wish to protect their modesty and chastity are prohibited in your country, under the direct threat of criminal prosecution, from veiling their faces; yet it is currently compulsory for  French citizens  to wear a masks under pain of criminal  prosecution . This ineluctably demonstrates that the real crime of Muslim women in France is their Islamicity.

If the intent of your government truly is the promotion and protection of the freedom of speech in France, then it would have had no difficulty about accepting criticism and ridicule directed at LGBTQ and other feminist groups, nor would it have stifled freedom of expression aimed at questioning the reality of the holocaust. Such freedoms of expression are in fact proscribed in your country under pain of criminal prosecution. Is the issue of publication of the cartoons and caricatures really about the protection of the freedom of expression? Nay, it is about advancing the blatant and concerted agenda of your government to vilify and demonize Islam!

Even some level headed members of your government are sounding the alarm, which you need to heed. Aurelien Tache, an MP from Macron’s party, expressed the view that “with this type of approach, …we will have succeeded in reinforcing  the extreme right”.

The French have long memories. Their ancestors were defeated during the conquest of Jerusalem in 1187. When the French general (Gouraud according to some reports, or Goybet according to others) entered Damascus in 1920, he made it a point to boastfully visit the grave of the great warrior of Islam, Salahuddin Al Ayoubi, the conqueror of Jerusalem. The general kicked the grave, and called out: “Awake, Saladin. We have returned. My presence here consecrates the victory of the Cross over the Crescent.”

We assure you, Muslims have longer memories than the French. The day will definitely come when Muslims will remind the French, with little or no compassion, of the recent actions of your government.

If France still harbours any concept of, or respect for, “the sacred”; if its people are not oblivious to the depths to which their country has sunk in its vile and wicked campaign against Islam, then the  very least your government could do, in an attempt to mitigate its dastardly and despicable conduct, is to express sincere remorse for its actions and to apologize unconditionally and unreservedly to the Muslim world.

Yours sincerely

On behalf of AMPSA