Membership is open to any Muslim professional who:

  • holds a tertiary (NQF Level 6 or higher) qualification; and
  • is committed to the aims and objectives set out in this document and the founding values and principles of the Association.

Any Muslim professional eligible for membership of the Association may make written application for membership by way of electronic mail to be submitted to The application should inter alia contain the following particulars:

  • full names of applicant as per identity document
  • salient details of professional practice of applicant
  • applicant’s professional qualifications
  • copy of applicant’s identity document.

Founding Membership

The founding members of the Association, classified in accordance with their respective      professional disciplines, are the following:


Adv Aslam Motala SC                                      Adv Mohammed Ashraf Chohan SC

AdvFerozeBoda SC                                           Adv. Mufti EmraanVawda

Attorney Yusuf Dockrat                                   Attorney Abdul Rahim Kazi


Prof. Abdullah Laher                                       Prof. Zeyn Mahomed

Dr Muhammad Karodia                                  Dr Reza Latib

Dr Muhammed Laher                                     Dr Muhammed Moolla


Mohammed Mahomedy CA(SA)                                Mohammed Kaka CA(SA)

Mohammed Ravat CA(SA)                                         Imran Patel CA(SA)

Moulana Abdul Azeem Khan CA(SA)                        Hafez Naeem Paruk CA(SA)

Hafez Junaid Salejee CA(SA)


Zaid Mahomed                                                Mohammed Daya

Mohammed Moolla                                        Abdur Rahman Saloojee (Moulana)


Moosa Karodia (Pr.Eng.)                                                EbrahimVawda (Pr.Eng.)

Mohamed Parak (Pr.Eng.)                                            Mehmood Seedat (Pr.Eng.)

Farhaad Adam (Pr.Eng.)

May Allah ﷻguide all endeavours for the preservation of His Pristine Shar’iah and Dīn and May He imbue all those pursuing such endeavour with sincerity of purpose and true understanding!

Electronically submitted on behalf of AMPSA Shura