The need for AMPSA (The Association of Muslim Professionals of South Africa) as an independent Islamic organisation to harness the expertise of our professionals, from all disciplines, in serving the Dīn and the Ummah solely in accordance with Shar‘i principles:

  • To find and demonstrate concrete ways in which our professionals can gain the pleasure of, and closeness to, Allah ﷻ through their respective professions
  • To bring together all professionals under a single banner
  • To respond appropriately, from within their ranks and expertise, to attacks on religion in general, and on Islam in particular, from a strictly Shar‘i perspective in consultation with our senior Ulama
  • To collaborate and assist our Ulama to formulate multi-disciplinary responses, representations and directives on issues facing the Ummah for the benefit of Muslim community organizations
  • To draw attention to, and remain vigilant against, any misrepresentations or distortions of the teachings of Islam, or any attempt to compromise the Shari‘ah
  • To extend the reach of our efforts to our brethren across Southern Africa.

Alhamdulillah, after extensive deliberations among Muslim professionals and a process of consultation with the senior Ulama of Wifaqul Ulama, South Africa, it has been resolved to form an association of Muslim professionals having as its primary objectives the preservation, protection and promotion of  the Dīn of Islam in as pure and pristine a form as possible.

The formation of AMPSA is also a response to the fervent and passionate cry of many sincere, Islamically conscientious academics, professionals and practitioners seeking clear Shar‘i guidance in matters of Dīn from our  senior Ulama and Mashaa’ikh in an era of escalating trials and tribulations besetting the Ummah.